Father’s Day Gift Idea

What do Dads really want for Father’s Day?  Well, even more than the dream gifts like boats, cars, and iPhones, they really want their children’s love. Check out this Father’s Day gift idea that he will love!

1.Print off  iMOM’s Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Dad, for each child.

2. Have children write in “reasons”.

3. Cut out each reason into a slip of paper.

4. Glue reasons on individual cardstock paper slips.

5. Place each slip in Father’s Day jar, as shown in picture.

6. Have Dad pick one slip and read it aloud.

7. The child that wrote that particular reason will step forward and give dad a small present to go into his jar to replace the slip of paper; example: his favorite candy, golf balls, rubber fishing worms.

8. After all the reasons from each child have been read, Dad will feel VERY loved and have a jar full of goodies!

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