How Much Time Do You Have Left With Your Kids?

What’s so magical about the number 168? It’s the number of hours you have in a week.

What’s so magical about the number 936?  That’s the number of weekends you have left with your children… if they were born last week.

Now consider the number 6,570.  Yes, I know, it’s a BIG number… until you realize it’s the number of days you have your children with you until they turn 18.  Doesn’t seem so big now, does it?

What do you get when you create a social media site that’s a combination of chatting with your girlfriends, window-shopping, and browsing your favorite magazine? Pinterest!  It’s an online destination where moms disappear for hours! How do we know this? On any given day, we can be one of those moms! The lure of sites like Pinterest is strong, and it’s easy to burn precious hours while your kids do…well, what are they doing?

The answer to that question is that we, of course, hope and pray we have a lifetime left with our children.  But, if you want to get a visual of the fleeting nature of the time you have left with your children living at home, try this:

  1. Calculate how many Saturdays you have with them starting now until they turn 18.
  2. Buy that amount of marbles and put them in a jar on your dresser.
  3. Every Saturday, take one of those marbles and throw it away. You’ll never get that day back.

These parenting tips will help you prioritize what’s really important and how you should spend that precious and irreplaceable time with them.