iMOM Morning

iMOM Morning is a simple idea with a profound impact that can really strengthen a mom's relationship with her children. If you want to do something that truly matters for your kids, watch the short video below to learn more.

Why iMOM Morning?

It’s an incredibly simple way for moms and kids to spend time together by talking and bonding over breakfast at your child’s school. iMOM provides everything you need to run a monthly program full of fun activities and interactive discussions for moms and their kids!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to do something that truly matters for your child. Share this information with your school principal or PTA/PTO leader, and get started today!

iMOM Morning Sneak Peek

We make it easy to run an iMOM Morning by giving you everything you need. We’ve creatively designed our curriculum so that every component plays a role in strengthening relationships between moms and kids. When you sign up to start a chapter, here is what you'll get for only $35 a year:

The iMOM school breakfast program provides an excellent opportunity for local PTAs to create interactivity with parents, schools, and their communities.
Otha Thornton, National PTA President
iMOM Morning is a great way for mothers to spend meaningful time with their kids at school.
Tony Dungy, Family First Spokesmen
This program is a great way for moms to connect with other moms who share the same commitment.
Betsy Landers, Past President, National PTA

Each month’s curriculum includes a Leader’s Guide outlining the entire meeting, along with video clips, PowerPoint presentations, handouts and bonus activities. There are 10 new lessons every school year, available in Elementary, Teen and Spanish versions.