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Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt



Children love to look for Easter eggs, but how about taking it up a notch with an Easter egg scavenger hunt? When I was a child, our grandparents put candy and money into Easter eggs and hid them all over their ten-acre property. There was nothing more exciting than hunting for those shiny, plastic Easter eggs with treasures inside.

In this egg-citing game, your kids can hunt for eggs over and over again without ever being at risk for a cavity from too much candy. And best of all, they will actually be hunting for the best treasure of all—the story of Easter.

  1. Before you begin, make sure you print out Easter Story and pieces below.
  2. Cut out the pieces by cutting along the dotted lines of the pieces page.
  3. Place each piece in a plastic colored egg. You will need 15 eggs.
  4. Hide the 15 eggs.
  5. Let the children hunt for the eggs.
  6. When all 15 have been found, have the children open their eggs and take out the pieces.
  7. Begin the story by asking who has the donkey. Place the donkey piece on a table so everyone can see it. Then read the passage that correlates to the donkey piece.
  8. Continue by asking for the next piece, the palm branch. Add that piece to the donkey and read the correlating passage. Continue through the story adding to the story as you go until the story is complete.

Tell us! How did this work for your kids?

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