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The Biggest Mistake Your Child Can Make

The biggest mistake your child can make is marrying the wrong person. Think about what you can do now, to help them make a good choice when the time comes. And no matter how young your children are, there are 5 things you can do now to help them make the right choice when the time comes.

1. Example, example, example.  Be the kind of woman you’d like your son to marry; help your husband be the kind of man you want your daughter to marry.

2. Cultivate a home that models qualities you want your child to value. Promote love, respect, faithfulness, kindness, forgiveness and grace.  If your children see dysfunction in your home, they will see that as normal and they’ll be comfortable finding someone that helps them repeat the problem, or gives them the chance to repair it.

3. Don’t push your kids underground.  Parents cannot bully their children into “correct decisions.” Responding harshly to their love interests you disapprove of, leads to defensive reactions everyone regrets later.  Active listening, without rushing to judgment, can lay the groundwork for better choices. If your child is comfortable telling you the truth, it’s often unnecessary to point out the obvious.

4. Pray with your children.  Let your children hear you pray this type of prayer, “… and God, thank you for Sarah’s good judgment, and please help her to use it when it comes time for her to choose who she will marry.   God, please bring her someone who is kind and loving, and who puts you first in her life.”

5. Show them what to consider.   Help them leave the “la-la land” of love by having them considerthese questions.


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