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10 Squeaky Wheel Scenarios

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Sometimes, because of special physical, emotional or mental needs, a child can’t help being the squeaky wheel in the family.  Even then, moms need to be aware of other scenarios that allow one child to drain a mom’s time, energy and love.

1. Your son is involved in a sport that requires his siblings to spend hours of their time driving to, and remaining at, his practices and games.

2. You have a child with special needs. This requires you to spend more time with her at home, at therapy sessions and doctor visits.

3. The baby of your family is adorable, so you naturally cuddle him more, give into him more and shower him with more attention.

4. Your compliant child often has to give in to his sibling who won’t eat the overcooked hamburger, who wants to watch his TV show, and who won’t back down from his demands.

5. You have a child who whines, yells, cries and pitches a fit until she gets her way; so you let her win.

6. When your children fight or bicker, one of them always starts crying. This is the child who usually gets blamed for less – even if he started the argument.

7. Your daughter always runs late. You always wait for her and make the rest of the family late, too.

8. Your son complains about his homework or school project until you help him a lot, or even do it for him.

9. Your child just can’t seem to do anything for himself. You take away from spending time with your other kids to go help the “neediest” one.

10. Your child is terrible with money. You bail her out almost every time.


Why is it important to try to treat each other fairly in a family?

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