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14 Ways to Stop the Morning Madness

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The alarm clock rings and reality hits you – summer vacation’s over!   Only minutes into the first day of school and your children are already fighting over the bathroom, the toast is burnt, you’re all rushed and irritable – and, to top it all off, your kids miss the bus!

Not a good way to start the school year! Every mom wants to learn ways to relieve stress and to make every school year count for her children.  So start your school days without stress, screaming and rushing around.  Here are 14 ways to stop the morning madness at your house.

Set the Mood

1. Wake them up with a kiss and hug, or at least a warm “Good morning.”

2. Try not to sound like a drill sergeant right away.  Save that for when you’re trying to get everyone in the car!

3. Have upbeat music playing while everyone’s getting ready.  Not loud music, or intense music, but fun and upbeat.

4. Praise them throughout the morning, (“Good job, team!  You’re doing great this morning!  Nice folding of your pajamas.  You made your bed! Great!)

Prep Work Pays Off

5. Have your things done – lunches made, fully dressed, car loaded – before your kids get up.  It’s tough to get up even 15 minutes earlier when you’re tired, but it will pay off in less stress in the morning.  If you’re fully available to your children, you can step in if they need extra help getting ready, or if a crisis arises.

6. Have the basics gathered the night before – Put socks and shoes in one place.  Lay out clothes and hair accessories.

Your Kids Can Do More

7. Let them set their own alarm clock and get up to it.

8. Have them use our morning and night checklist.

9. Get them in the habit of making sure all of their books, projects and homework are in their backpacks.

Mom Morning Secrets

10.Set house clocks five minutes fast.  Even if you know they’re fast, and your kids know, it still keeps you moving faster.

11. Give time warnings.  “Okay, everyone, ten-minute warning!  Five-minute warning!”

12. Surprise your children with rewards for getting things done on time.  Have something little waiting in the car that you can give them on the way to school.  Or, put a special treat or snack in their lunchbox.

13. Let them hear you bragging to your husband, or someone else about how great they did getting ready in the morning.

14. Wake early enough to have a quiet time, coffee and a peak at the Espresso Minute!


How did you think our school mornings were last year? Stressful or okay?

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