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16 Overlooked Spring Cleaning Spots

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I recently visited a very nice older friend of mine who I adore.  She’s kind, she’s giving and she plays with my children.  But when I walked into her house I couldn’t believe the clutter and mess that was everywhere—piles of paper stacked on counters, unfinished projects tucked into corners, and cabinets and shelves covered in knick-knacks and “stuff.”  I resolved right then and there to get better at keeping my house clean and clutter free.  So my spring cleaning theme this year? Get Rid of It!

It’s time for spring cleaning—time to tackle those jobs that often get rushed or overlooked altogether.

Entire House:

  1. Clean ceiling fan blades and glass globes on ceiling lights.
  2. Dust hard-to-reach shelves and tops of windows.
  3. Wipe down baseboards.
  4. Wash or dust window blinds.


  1. Pull out and clean behind refrigerator.
  2. Dust top of refrigerator.
  3. Dust tops of cabinets, if exposed.
  4. Put your oven through its self-cleaning cycle.

Living Room:

  1. Vacuum upholstered furniture.
  2. Vacuum curtains to remove dust.


  1. Wash big bedding like comforters and quilts (you may have to do this in a commercial machine at the Laundromat).
  2. Hang pillows outside in the sun for at least two hours. (Replace if it’s been more than two years.)
  3. Rotate or flip mattresses.


  1. Clean tough grout stains. (Use spray on bleach.  You can walk away and the job will be just about done when you get home from work.)
  2. Discard old shower curtain liners and replace.
  3. Clean out the medicine cabinet and discard expired medications.

To get this list in a printable click here.


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