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21 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special on an Ordinary Day

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Wouldn’t a random Tuesday be a great day to celebrate your child? I mean, we know how to make a child feel special on her birthday or after his big game, but what about on an ordinary day? When we take the time to verbalize and act out ways to show our kids they are special, we are filling their love tanks.

We all fall into the rhythm of life and a daily schedule—that’s how we survive as moms! But it’s not hard to mix it up and incorporate some randomness to show your kiddo you think he or she is awesome. Here are 21 fun and quirky ideas for how to make a child feel special. And remember, the more ordinary the day, the better!

1. Everyone in the family shares five things they love, admire, or appreciate about him.

2. Let her decide the dinner menu no matter how crazy or gross the food sounds.

3. Plan a scavenger hunt. iMOM has a ton, like this treasure hunt for kids. Make the prize at the end a trip for ice cream.

4. Clap, whistle, and cheer whenever she walks into the room.

5. Prioritize time with him. Let him call the shots for the day.

6. Ask people in advance to send video messages about her so she knows how much she’s loved.

7. Let him stay up an hour later than his siblings and spend some quality one-on-one time with him.

8. Keep a special journal between the two of you. iMOM’s From Me to You conversation journal is a great way to connect. There’s a journal for boys and a journal for girls.

9. Ask her to go on a walk, run, or bike ride with you and let her pick the route.

10. Tell your child to grab his favorite book. Read it together, and then act it out for an added bonus.

11. Make and display a giant poster listing reasons why you love and adore your kiddo.

12. Make up a song about her and sing it to her.

13. First thing in the morning, greet him with a big bear hug.

14. Come up with a secret handshake for just the two of you.

15. Take your child out for ice cream—before dinner!

16. Ask her to cook with you.

lunchbox notes how to make a child feel special

17. Write your child a homemade note or a special letter that he can keep and reread as often as he wants.

18. Put an extra-special snack in her lunch with a note that tells her she’s one-of-a-kind. iMOM’s printable lunchbox notes are already done for you and they’re super cute.

19. Let your child play hooky for the day and take him to your favorite hangout spot.

20. Ask to play her favorite game with her.

21. Trace the outline of your kiddo’s body and fill it up with words of encouragement, affirmation, and love for your child.

What are some things you do for your kids to make them feel loved and special?


What do you do to make someone feel special?

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