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31 Ideas for Daily Mom Time

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Want to make a stressed-out mom laugh? Say something like, “You just need to take more time for yourself! You know, some me time.” or “You should get some rest.” Ha! How?? When?? How do you get me time when everything is mom time?

It may seem impossible with all you have on your plate, but taking mom time to renew and recharge is a good investment that pays real returns. Don’t think of it as self-indulgent… think of it as self-preservation. Giving yourself permission to pour into your own life will help you gain a fresh outlook and a renewed perspective. So try a few of these 31 ideas for getting some mom time on any old day.

1. Channel your inner baker.

Send the kids outside and find a recipe for a delectable cake or savory bread. Knead the dough and get your frustrations out.

2. Write something.

Light a candle, grab a pretty piece of paper or open up your laptop and just write. Write what you’re grateful for, a short story, or just a brain dump.

3. Buy a check-out line magazine.

That magazine you always pass over when you’re finishing up grocery shopping – pick one up and head out for a cup of coffee. Get inspired by articles, designs, and inspirational stories.

4. Take a bubble bath.

Play soft music, light a candle, and pour a glass of sparkling water in your best crystal glass. Just close your eyes and breathe.

5. Go on a walk.

Don’t worry about burning calories. Just go for a walk and take in what’s around you.

6. Window shop.

Go browse for ideas of what you’ll wear to your son or daughter’s wedding – even if it’s still 15 years away.

7. Treat yourself to lunch.

A sit-down restaurant, please…you can hit the drive-thru anytime!

8. Take a nap.

A real nap…flopping down on the couch doesn’t count! Get in bed, under the covers with ear plugs in. Send the rest of the family on an outing or have them watch a movie.

9. Buy some pretty underwear.

Splurge! Get the kind that doesn’t come in a 3-pack.

10. Catch up on your reading.

Find a good book or that stack of magazines you’ve been too busy to get to.

11. Meditate.

Take a verse from scripture, a picture of a beautiful scene, or just a favorite memory. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and meditate on the image.

12. Reconnect with a friend.

Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while and catch up.

13. Pull out your wedding album.

Think about how you felt right before you walked down the aisle.

14. Take your mom to lunch.

She could use a break, too!

15. Pray and read your Bible or time prayers of encouragement

Download a new study, listen to a podcast like Bible Book Club, or just open your Bible to the Psalms. You could also use iMOM’s 7 Quick Prayers of Encouragement for Moms printable.

16. Get crafty.

Try your hand at something new or do a craft you’ve been putting off. Don’t worry about the end result, just focus on the act of creating.

17. Try yoga.

Stretch yourself and work on controlling your breathing. Both will come in handy when you’re reaching for another lost toy under the backseat of the car.

18. Go for a drive.

Roll the windows down, put on your favorite music, and let the wind blow through your hair.

19. Get a pedicure!

Treat your feet and your whole body will thank you!

20. Have a tea party.

Find a tea room and enjoy being pampered. If you can’t get out of the house, pour yourself some tea and cozy up with a book or show. Lock the bedroom door.

21. Watch something nostalgic.

Scan the streaming services for a show you loved back in college or as a kid. Indulge in a few episodes.

22. Hit some yard sales!

Wake up early on a Saturday, get a big cup of coffee, and browse yard sales. Take $10 and see what treasures you discover!

23. Organize your closet.

This isn’t everyone’s version of mom time, but for some, it’s much-needed care. Our closets get neglected because we have to keep on top of our kids’ spaces. Pull out clothes you don’t wear. Put your shoes in color order. Refold your sweaters so the piles are neat.

24. Take a bike ride.

Take a few spins around the block or venture out farther.

25. Try a new recipe.

Choose something you like without trying to please picky eaters.

26. Pick up some flowers.

They’ll brighten your house and brighten your day!

27. Take a hot shower.

Tired of being the last one to shower and only having two minutes of lukewarm water? Take a blazing hot shower and only get out when your toes and fingers are raisiny. Add an exfoliating scrub and you’ll come out with skin feeling fresh and soft!

28. Try radio silence.

For 30 minutes (or longer if you can), turn off your phone, TV, radio – anything that makes noise. Don’t be available to anyone but yourself.

29. Get pretty.

Even if you don’t have anywhere to go, just pamper your skin, do what makes you feel beautiful, and put on an outfit that doesn’t include what you wore to bed.

30. Shop for a nightgown.

Spend 20 minutes at the store or shopping online for something that you can wear to bed and only to bed. The act of putting on a nightgown (as opposed to sleeping in what you’ve been wearing since getting home from work) will help you mentally wind down for sleep.

31. Do nothing.

Yes, it’s really okay…

What’s your favorite way to get some mom time?


When you have free time, what is your favorite thing to do?

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