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4 Ways to Get Better Results Outside the Gym

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We live in the ultimate convenience society.  You can sit at home or in your car and get a whole lot done: drive-thru fast food and dry cleaning; curbside pick-up and home delivery; and we can’t forget, online shopping.  I guess along with “couch potatoes,” we can add “thumb potatoes” (for all you smart phone users) and “mouse potatoes!”

If we’re not careful, going to the gym or our daily workout might be the only time we really move all day.  Well, guest iSpecialist, Tonja Ward, says the good news is that we don’t have to carve out more workout time if we do these 4 ways to get better results outside the gym.

Been going to the gym, exercise class or walking the park to get your daily workout in?  Well, good for you! But, if you’re not seeing the changes you want, take a look at your daily patterns and try these 4 ways to get better results outside the gym:

1. Sit less stand more

when you’re sending e-mails, texting or on the phone, or going through mail.  Move your laptop to a counter where you can work standing. (I’m standing now!)  Did you know you burn 33 percent more calories standing than sitting?  I heard of one iMOM who dropped an easy couple of pounds after she put her computer monitor, her mouse and her keyboard on boxes, and stood for most of her workday.

2. Take 1-2 minute breaks

from your desk every 30 minutes and walk around, march in place or do a few simple stretches.

3. Walk and talk, step and climb.

Whether you are at home or in the office, go in person to ask your neighbor a question. Have a walking meeting rather than a conference call.  If you’re home has stairs, incorporate some extra climbing into your day.  See if you can take the stairs two, or even three, at a time.

4. Eat more color and drink less color.

Fortunately you don’t have to know all the nutrients in the various fruits and vegetables.  You’ll get it right if you simply have a colorful variety on your plate (e.g. sweet potato, red chard, spaghetti squash, tomato sauce, etc.). Then when it comes to the accompanying beverage stay clear. Drink more water than coffee, soda, juice or tea to stay hydrated and save on calories.

Pillow Talk: End your day talking with your child.

by Tanja Ward, Certified Health Coach. Originally published at The Lifetime Lifestyle Blog. 


Let’s find a fun, silly way to exercise this month. What ideas do you have?

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