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5 Points of a Balanced Life

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The popular CrossFit™ fitness program prides itself on being well-rounded. The philosophy behind the training regime is that good overall fitness requires a constantly varying workout—challenging the body in new ways and using different muscle groups daily. That way of thinking is equally applicable to good parenting in helping kids to have a balanced life.

Great parents can’t stay focused on any one area of their kids’ development for too long or the others will likely suffer. For example, if you constantly focus on academics, you may miss opportunities to help your child develop good physical or emotional health. To help you assess whether you’re taking a balanced approach to parenting, we outlined the basic “strength training” areas for kids below.

1. Academic achievement

Do you place a healthy level of emphasis on academic performance and the skills like organization and goal-setting that go with it?

2. Emotional health

Do you make time to connect with your child enough to know when he or she may be struggling emotionally?

3. Personal responsibility

Are you a parent who trains your children to take on age-appropriate levels of responsibility for themselves and as a member of the family?

4. Physical health

Do you encourage and promote a healthy level of physical activity for your children? Do you make healthy eating a priority in your family’s life?

5. Spiritual health

Are you providing opportunities for your child to learn about God and develop a solid spiritual foundation?

Remember, every area won’t be addressed equally every day. Some days will require you to focus more on what your child needs most and, as they mature, those needs will likely shift. The idea is that over time you’re keeping your eye on each area and responding appropriately, increasing training where weakness exists.

 Tell us! What is the easiest of these to focus on in your family? What needs some attention?

Dana Hall McCain writes about marriage, parenting, faith and wellness. She is a mom of two, and has been married to a wonderful guy for over 18 years.


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