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What Advice Would You Give a Single Mom?

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“How am I going to do this?” No matter how you came to be a single mom, that thought has probably crossed your mind at some point. Finances, discipline, juggling work and parenting—it’s a lot to do on your own, even part-time. While there’s no guide to how to be a single mom, there are a lot of single moms who have learned some lessons and are ready to share words of wisdom. Maybe you’re one of them.

Just like motherhood is a club, single-motherhood is a club within a club. If a friend were about to be part of this club, what would you tell her? What have you learned? Here’s a chance to share it.

Why do we need each other?

A few years ago I read a quote that said, “Sharing your struggles creates a lighthouse that keeps others from crashing into the same rocks you did.” That has stayed with me as a lesson in being open about what I’ve done wrong as a single mom and also what good choices I’ve made that have created a healthier, happier life for myself and my kids.

No, just because we share our stories doesn’t mean we’ll automatically ace how to be a single mom. Most lessons come from living life and making our own mistakes. But it doesn’t hurt to try!

Why do your words matter?

iMOM has shared wisdom for single moms for years. We’ve shared advice from widows and women who have gone through a divorce or were never married. But we know you’re on the other side reading and thinking, “I’ve been there! Here’s what I would say.”

We all have different situations—number and ages of kids, levels of amicability with exes, support systems—so hearing from you will help us reach more moms.

So tell us…

What’s the bit of advice you would share to help a single mom be the best mom she possibly can? What will give her the best chance at loving her children well? What kept your head above water when you felt like you were drowning?

Leave your bits of wisdom in the comments. We’ll add a few of our favorites to the article!

Making sure to give the kids time to decompress after a change in living location (visitation weekends). Let them have time to adjust to the rules of the house.  – Becky Anne

Personally keeping a schedule/routine helped as it formed a balance with what needed to get done while “masking” all that I needed to get done in front of my child. – Jennifer

Don’t be ashamed to take help from others. I did that and it only hurt me and my children in the long run. You don’t have to go through anything alone. – Nichole

I have been told that I am too nice, that I put up with too much. My response has always been “I love my kids more than I hate my ex.”  – Leslie


What advice would you give to a friend who’s having a bad day?

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