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8 Creative Homemade Christmas Gifts Your Kids Can Give

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Giving gifts to loved ones is one of the most exciting ways to celebrate Christmas. One year, I helped my daughter make personalized Christmas cards by stamping her tiny hand in ink and then letting her scribble her message with markers. Not only were our family members overjoyed to open this precious keepsake, but my daughter was so proud to have helped make a Christmas gift. Making personalized Christmas gifts is both meaningful and a great way to save money. Select from this list of eight ideas to help your kids with homemade Christmas gifts this season.

1. Christmas Coupons

christmas couponChristmas coupons are a fun and personalized way for families to spread the love. The coupons can be given from mom to dad, child to parent, sibling to sibling, friend to neighbor, and more. The best part about these coupons is the options are unlimited. If you need some coupon ideas, here are a few. You could give a coupon for a free babysitting session, a long hug, a batch of Christmas cookies, a chore free day, or even breakfast in bed.

2. Watercolor Masterpiece

With only three supplies needed: paper, markers, and watercolors, this watercolor masterpiece gift is sure to become a cherished personalized Christmas gift.

3. Gift Basket

Children can select one of the 13 gift basket ideas or create their own gift basket idea. Then, they can help in the process of making a list of needed items, shopping, and assembling the gift.

4. “Top 10 Reasons I Love My …” Printable

Kids can spread the Christmas joy by completing the printable “Top 10 Reasons I Love my…” mom, dad, brother, etc. This personalized Christmas gift is sure to be a keeper.

5. Hot Cocoa to Go Kits

This simple gift idea is the perfect way to spread the love this Christmas season. In only four steps, kids can enjoy creating Hot Cocoa to Go Kits as a gift.

6. Printable Calendars

Let your child select and assemble one of these pretty calendars for a loved one.

7. Christmas Coloring Pages

Christmas coloring pages are a great way for even the youngest of children to participate in giving a gift this season.

8. Homemade Stationery

This sentimental gift is easy for kids to make as a gift for family members. Here, kids can follow the simple directions to create homemade stationery using paper, scissors, markers and crayons.

How will you include your children in gift giving this season?


What makes a good gift?

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