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The Most Important People You’re Not Praying For

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For years, I’ve kept a prayer journal, and each of my children has a designated page. I include the child’s picture, a special verse, and a list of prayers for that specific child. Many of them are common requests: prayers that they will have joy, good health, and wisdom. I pray for their future spouses, teachers, and friends. But there are others I pray for, people you’re probably not thinking about— and they’re the most important people to pray for in your kids’ lives.

So, who are these mysterious people? Your child’s future in-laws. This man and woman will have a dramatic impact on your child’s life because they are raising your son or daughter’s one-day spouse. Much of our habits, ideas, beliefs, and heartaches go back to our families of origin, so a prayer for in-laws is a vital addition to our communion with God. But what exactly should you pray for? Here are 7 ways to pray for your child’s future in-laws.


Statistically, the primary source of conflict in a marriage is money, so a prayer for in-laws’ financial education and wisdom is crucial. Ask God to help them model and teach your future son- or daughter-in-law godly principles on handling money.


It is commonly said that we are most like our five closest friends. Pray that your child’s future in-laws have healthy, fun, deeply-rooted friendships that speak God’s truth into their lives.


Pray for your child’s in-laws to forgive freely and have a spirit of patience, grace, and mercy. Help them consistently model this for their children. When your kids are married, they are going to fail their spouses. When that happens, you want their partners to know how to forgive well.


Ask for God to give them wisdom in raising your future son or daughter-in-law. Pray for the Lord to guide them in directing their child to seek God’s path for his or her life. Pray that they yearn to listen to God and that they teach that skill to their child.

Servant’s Heart

Being married to a spouse who has a servant’s heart is a priceless gift. Pray that your child’s future in-laws learn to selflessly serve their family and train their child to put other’s needs above their own.


Pray for your child’s in-laws to have a deep relationship with the Lord. Pray for their desire to read the Scriptures, spend time in prayer, connect with a church, and be in community with other believers. Ask God to help them disciple their child to live a life that honors God.


Empathy is an essential part of being a loving, safe person. Pray for your child’s in-laws to learn how to be empathetic when their spouse and children are struggling. Ask the Holy Spirit to help them demonstrate this response in their daily interactions.

What else do you hope for your child’s future in-laws? Tell us in the comments! 


If you could know one thing about your future, what would you want to know?

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