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How to Change Your Negative Thinking

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If negative thinking has you in its grip, it’s time to train yourself to redirect your thinking. If you don’t, your negativity will affect your relationships with your children. So the next time you have a critical thought, think about the words below instead by coming up with a word picture to go with each.


Let some light fill your mind. Imagine your sweet children as babies.


Find beauty in situations and people. Picture your child’s smile, his twinkling eyes or his chubby hands.


Think about a friend who has courageously battled cancer. Give thanks for the way your child is putting extra effort into learning a new skill or curbing a bad habit. Admire the sacrifices your mother made for you.


Focus on a friendship you have with a loyal friend. While it might not be a perfect friendship, remind yourself to be grateful for this friend’s constant presence, honesty, and encouragement in your life.


Give yourself credit for trying to do what you know is right as a mother and friend. Imagine the rightness of God and how there is perfection in the Love He has for us.

What word picture helps you shift your attitude?


How do you change your mind when you start the day in a bad mood?

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