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Mom, Do You Know You’re a Rock Star?

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A few months ago, I had one of those afternoons that involves hustling home from the grocery store, in the rain, at rush hour, with my baby, my preschooler, and the ingredients for dinner in tow. Have you had one of these afternoons recently? You know the kind—you’re at max capacity, lost in thought, making a mental to-do list a mile long to the delightful sound of your children, who are annoying each other as much as humanly possible while strapped into their car seats.

In the moment, it can be hard handling stress. But sometimes, these moments can surprise you.

A voice inside my head ordered me around and told me all the things I needed to do and all the things I wasn’t doing well. But all of a sudden, the sweetest sound, the voice of my older daughter, Harvest, broke my inner monologue.

Harvest: “Hey Mommy! Hey Mommy! Hey Mommy!”
Me: “Hey, baby, what is it?”
Harvest: “I want to tell you something. Mommy, did you know that you’re a rock star?”
Me (totally caught off guard and chuckling a bit): “Awww, thank you, baby! Why am I rock star?”
Harvest: “You’re a rock star! You’re a rock star because you make dinner, put our clothes on, fix our hair, and make our bed. And you work! You’re a rock star.”

Up until this point, I had spent most of that day convincing myself I was a total failure as a mother. I felt pulled in a million different directions, meeting my family’s needs, maintaining friendships, preparing to move, and adjusting to a new job. I especially was concerned with how distracted I’d been in this season of transition and how that negatively could affect my daughters. My sweet girl spoke words of life directly over my greatest fear in that moment. She silenced my inner critic.

I don’t know what you’ve got racing around in your heart and mind or what the voice inside your head is saying to you today. But I’m here to tell you something important. Regardless of how you feel, mom, you’re a rockstar, too! If you find yourself doubting that you are a good mom, here are some practical ways to fight these voices of doubt that are lying to you and stealing your joy.

What helps you remember that you’re a good mom?


What stresses you out most lately—and how can I help you through it?

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