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Mom, You Did Enough This School Year

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You are a great mom! Do you need to hear that today as much as I do? As the end of this school year approaches, I find myself asking, “Did I do enough?” And I know I’m not alone. I’m part of a homeschool Facebook group with over 26,000 members and I can’t tell you how many times moms post this question: “Is this enough?”

Because we all schooled differently in this peculiar year, mom comparison surged and self-confidence plummeted. Her kids are thriving with peer interaction at school. Would that have been better for my kids? She’s adding extra projects after virtual school; should I be supplementing too? Her kids are focusing on life skills, nature exploration, and faith. I’m not giving my children all they need. Stop! Hear this: You did a great job! In case there’s any doubt, here’s why.

As virtual school moms…

We were available constantly to help our children with technology and lessons, no matter how many other little ones were in our care. We had to accommodate all of the log-on times while managing our work schedules and other responsibilities. We had to comfort their loneliness, worry about the unhealthy hours of screen time, and watch impatiently for the teacher to gain everyone’s attention. Virtual school moms: You are a great mom and you did enough.

As homeschool moms…

We had to figure out what curriculum to use in a tidal wave of options. We created schedules and learned that it’s OK if nothing goes as planned. We had to find unique ways to help our kids stay connected with their friends. We had to figure out how to find a moment to rest in a house that never gets quiet. We questioned our abilities as educators, wondering if our kids learned as much as their peers at school. Homeschool mom: You are a great mom and you did enough.

As moms who sent our kids to school…

We lived in a year of masks—testing them out, complaining, washing, losing, and forgetting to grab them. We sent our kids to school and prayed they’d come home well, concerned if we made the right choice. Sometimes we didn’t have another option; we were “essential” personnel. Our kids felt strange in a classroom and playground of social isolation. And we endured quarantine when a fellow classmate or bus rider tested positive. School mom: You are a great mom and you did enough.

If you’re still asking, But really, did I do enough?’

Let me assure you, you did. You showed up! Whether in the pick-up lane, at the bus drop-off, at the dining table three times per day, or in a chair pulled up to their computer, you were present.

You made the best choice for your family. If your child is more successful in the classroom, or you couldn’t work from home, sending him or her to school fit your family’s needs. If your kid has health issues and you kept him or her home, you made the right call. If the only option was virtual school, you tried your best with circumstances out of your control.

When you think about everything moms endured this year…

We deserve some serious credit. We are fighters, and heroes, role models, and queens of flexibility. We juggled, we experimented, we rearranged, we asked for advice, we bonded, we consoled, we cried, we worried, we celebrated, and we persevered. We cultivated stronger family relationships, enjoyed more time in bed, and living life in pajamas. It wasn’t perfect, but we made it work. No matter which way you schooled, you are a great mom.

What did you do well as a mom this school year?


What was your favorite part of this school year?

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