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Our Favorite Halloween Ideas for Kids

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I have a confession: Halloween is just not my favorite holiday. I don’t like scary things, I don’t like feeling scared, and I don’t like to see my kids looking scared. On the other hand, dressing up, candy, and all the games that go with fall and Halloween are fun. But even with those positives, I just don’t get as motivated to be creative for Halloween as I do for Christmas—my favorite holiday. So don’t feel guilty about not being into it. Not every holiday has to be a major overload; choose the holiday you love and go easy on the rest. And if Halloween holds no appeal for you at all, focus on fall instead.

Having said that, if you do want to do something for Halloween, we’ve made it simple for you. We’ve found great—and easy—Halloween ideas and some fall ideas too. Choose a couple, have fun, and celebrate (or not) your own way!

Pumpkin Fun

pumpkin fun

It all starts with the pumpkin, right? If you’re not into carving spooky or silly faces, grab some glow-in-the-dark paint or some metallic paint, and you and your kids can have at it. (Last year, I painted my pumpkins gold and later used them on my Thanksgiving table!)

 Halloween Games

halloween games

If you want to have something for the kids to do instead of going door-to-door, or if you’re looking for Halloween ideas for things they can do after they’ve made their rounds, these games fit the bill.

Fall Ideas

 fall ideas

Okay, we’ve gathered up some really cute fall ideas that include lots of crafts and a couple of fall-inspired snacks too.

Tell us! What’s the most fun Halloween activity you’ve done with your kids?


What is your favorite candy?

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