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15 Fun Backyard Games

We know your kids have probably played freeze tag, but what about dragon tag? Amoeba tag or clothes pin tag? Well, tag away this weekend with 15 backyard games. And, if you want another twist on tag, come up with your own ideas. What about hug tag? When you get tagged, you also have to give each other a big hug! Or, “Where would you go?” tag? When you get tagged you have to say one place you’d love to visit. We could keep going and going! But for now, look at these 15 DIY backyard games before we get carried away!

Playing games in the backyard with your kids is what summer is all about. First, print out the game cards below and the <a ” title=”15 Backyard Game Instructions” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>game instructions. Then let your children draw a card and head outside to get the fun started.

What backyard game memory with your kids is your favorite?

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