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15 Questions for Kids to Answer about Mom

Do you know what your kids really think about you? These 15 questions for kids will give you a good idea. Because while we may think we know our children’s thoughts about us, the reality of what’s actually going on in their minds could be a whole lot different.

When I asked my own children these questions, some of their answers were funny, and some  were a little convicting, but it was good for me to hear all of them. You can ask the questions out loud, or you can print them out and have your children write down their answers if they’re able to.

So ask your children these 15 Questions for Kids to Answer about Mom and let us know what they say!

(We have lots more questions you can ask your children. Check out our TALK Conversation Starters.)

Let’s Talk: So tell us, what were your kids’ most telling or funny answers?

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