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20 Fun Easter Jokes for Kids

Need a little laughter while you’re baking the ham, dyeing eggs or snacking on jelly beans? iMOM’s Easter jokes for kids are the perfect way to get a dose of spring funnies. You probably didn’t know there were so many egg and rabbit jokes, but get ready! Your kids will love tickling your funny bone with all the puns and silliness. You can even print them out and start the one-liners on the way home from church on Easter Sunday

Easter is a great time to get together with family and celebrate life and new beginnings, and sprinkling a little laughter in will only make it better! If you happen to get a spring shower that forces you indoors, the fun can continue thanks to your mini-jokester. So print our Easter jokes for kids and let them entertain family and friends while you hide eggs or get the Easter dinner prepped and on the table.

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  1. What happens when an Easter egg hears a funny joke? It cracks up!
  2. What kind of story does an Easter bunny love? One with a hoppy ending!
  3. What seafood do you eat on Easter? An oyster bunny!
  4. What do polite bunnies say? Eggs-cuse me!
  5. How does Easter end? With an R!
  6. What kind of bunny can’t hop? A chocolate bunny!
  7. Knock-Knock! Who’s there? Some bunny. Some bunny who? Some bunny loves you!
  8. Where do bunnies go after they get married? On a bunny-moon!
  9. What did the Easter bunny say to the carrot? It’s been nice “growing” you!
  10. What kind beans don’t grow in a garden? Jelly beans!
  11. What happened after the bunny prince and princess got married? They lived hoppily ever after!
  12. What’s the Easter bunny’s favorite sport? Basket-ball!
  13. What do eggs do when they hear a joke? They crack up!
  14. What else do Easter eggs do for fun? Kara-yolk-e!
  15. Where do Easter eggs grow? On Egg-plants!
  16. What’s the Easter bunny’s favorite game? Hopscotch!
  17. What do you call a smiling Easter bunny? Hoppy!
  18. What happened when the Easter egg heard a joke? He cracked up!
  19. Knock, knock! Who’s there? Police. Police who? Police finish coloring your Easter eggs!
  20. What made the Easter bunny laugh? He heard a yolk!

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