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Five Finger Prayer

When you’re teaching kids subjects like math or science, using visuals makes a huge difference. The same is true for prayer. The five finger prayer is a cute method for teaching kids to pray for others that’s easy for them to remember. We moms want our kids to love their family and friends, but as they get older, we also want them to think of people outside of their circle maybe even strangers who need God’s love, protection, strength, or healing.

For kids who can’t think of who to pray for other than Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, big sister, and the puppy, the five finger prayer is a super handy (ahem) way for them to think of others! Have your kids decorate their five finger prayer printable, add specific names, or even cut it out and make it a puppet with a simple popsicle stick. And we bet next time your hands are folded in prayer, you’ll find it a little easier to think of people you want to pray for, too! 

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