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Road Trip Games for Summer

Before you let your kids plug into their electronics on your next road trip, think about going old school. We have three really cute printables for three awesome road trip games—the Road Trip License Plate Game, Road Trip Bingo, and Road Trip I Spy. A fun game is a great way to keep the peace and bond with one another. So load up your car and let the fun begin!

The Road Trip License Plate Game is a road trip game that makes the time fly by if you’re on a busy interstate. Just check the plates of every vehicle you pass and check off each state as you see it. You can make up your own rules. Do semi-trucks count? What about cars in parking lots or at gas stations? If you want to add an extra incentive, make the rule that whoever finds Alaska or Hawaii gets to pick where you eat dinner! Warning: This game gets intense as you get closer to finding all 50. By the end of your trip, you’ll be looking at the backs of cars more than the road, so be careful!

Road Trip Bingo is one of everyone’s favorite road trip games. You don’t need to buy the board game with the red plastic windows though. Our free printable comes with five cards so your kids can compete against one another. And just like regular bingo, you can play five-across, postage stamp (where you have to find the six squares around the free space), four-corners, or if you’re on a long trip, blackout! Grab a few items from the Dollar Store to use as prizes when someone yells “BINGO!”

Road Trip I Spy is a fun road trip game for any age passenger. Just look out the window and complete the alphabet with what you see! J for “Jeep,” L for “lake,” maybe even Z for “zebra!” For little ones, you can write in the words, but for bigger kids who are learning how to spell, this is great practice and a lot of fun. Look at you, mom! You snuck something educational into your vacation!

If you need a break from the games on your trip, try out some of these riddles with your kids.

How do you make road trips more fun?

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