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Why You Should Say Yes to Screen Time

It can be the toughest (and most tiring!) thing for a mom to say—No, no, no! No, as in, No, you may not use your (insert name of screen device here). And even when you say no a million times, your kids can still come back to you again and again and again with the same kind of question, “Can I watch a movie? Can I use my iPad? Can I play Xbox?”

Have you ever struggled with how to limit screen time? The best way to say no to screen time is to say yes… with conditions. First, come up with your limits. These can be as simple as a set amount of time a day or as complex as different limits on different devices. Be clear on those time limits, then… here’s an idea I love for how to limit screen time. The “If…then…” screen time for kids printable. See what you think.

When your child asks you for screen time, let him know that you will say yes, if he does what you select from this list.

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