3 Ways You May Be Getting in the Way of the Grandparents


How would you rate your relationship with your parents and in-laws? Your answer to the question directly relates to the quality of the relationship between them and your children. Just because you may not get along with your parents or in-laws doesn’t mean that your children won’t get along with them. Give the relationship a chance. 

Your parents may not have been the best at raising you, but they may turn out to be great grandparents. Here are 3 ways you may be getting in the way of your children having a relationship with their grandparents.

1. Bitterness

You may exhibit bitterness towards your parents or in-laws and not even realize it. Maybe they were not good parents, they were unsupportive, or they were not accepting of you. However, your children will pick up on it and distance themselves from their grandparents. Let the animosity go and move forward.

2. Time or Distance

Your family may be so caught up in your own schedule that you don’t make time for extended family. Get together with the grandparents so they can spend time with your kids. If the grandparents live further away, try to get together for holidays or special occasions. Also, try Skyping or Facetiming with them.

3. Badmouthing

If you badmouth your children’s grandparents, your children will likely grow to feel the same way about them. This isn’t fair to your children. Even if your relationship with the grandparents is rocky, don’t deny your children the joy of having grandparents in their lives.

Here are five ways that you can encourage stronger grandparents and grandchildren relationships in your family.

What is the biggest challenge in involving in-laws or your parents in your kids’ lives?