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How to Help Grandparent Relationships

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When I was growing up the child of single parents, my relationships with my grandparents were so important. They helped me feel loved and supported especially when things were difficult at home.

It is never too late to refresh the relationship between your kids and their grandparents. Encourage them to spend time together and build a relationship. Use love to bring the three generations together. If you’re a single parent, support from grandparents may be one of your greatest assets!

Here are five ways that you can encourage stronger grandparents and grandchildren relationships in your family.

1. Send Photos

Send the grandparents photographs of their grandchildren. Send the grandparents Christmas pictures, birthdays, or just everyday fun. Help them feel like they are a part of your life and can watch their grandchildren grow up. If you don’t print pictures anymore, e-mail them or give them a digital frame.

2. Dates

Plan dates between your children and the grandparents. Let them have special outings together. If they live out of town, arrange phone dates or Skype dates. Without interaction, there is no chance for a relationship to develop.

3. Crafts

Often, the best gifts that grandparents receive from their grandchildren are homemade ones. Set up the table with craft supplies and have your kids get creative. The homemade presents will show the grandparents how much their grandchildren love them.

4. Pen Pals

For a special way of communicating just between your children and their grandparents, have them become pen pals. They can even keep up a correspondence by email. This will help build a relationship between the two and it will also keep them informed about what is happening in each other’s’ lives. Plus, this will get your kids into the habit of writing and give them some extra practice.

5. Set the Example

As a parent, you are your child’s most important teacher. Set the example for your children by having a healthy relationship with your parents and their other set of grandparents. Your kids will see this and will want to have a relationship with them, too.

How can you help your kids strengthen their relationships with their grandparents?


What do you love most about your grandparents?

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