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23 Fun Crafts to Keep Your Child Engaged

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After breakfast one cold morning, I bundled the kids up to play outside. Before long, they were all ready to come inside and warm up. After mentally scrolling through the list of my typical indoor activities to keep the kids engaged, like library time, setting up a play date, and playing inside, my kids were asking to do something new. So, I brainstormed a list of fun crafts to do with my kids. If it involves cutting, gluing, painting, or pasting, then I can guarantee my little ones will love it. If you too need some ideas to keep your kids busy, check out this list of 23 fun kids crafts to keep your child engaged.

1. Paper Snowflake

Have some folding fun while following these directions to make a paper snowflake.

2. I’m Bored Jar

Decorate an I’m Bored jar, then add the free printable ideas for beating boredom.

3. Handprint Owls

Use two large circles for the eyes, a triangle for the nose and add a body and some feet out of construction paper. Last, add the handprints for the wings of this handprint owl.

4. Pot People

Paint silly faces on pots, and then add in a plant to make pot people.

5. Nature Bugs

Children can use leaves, flowers, sticks and more to glue together to create a nature bug.

6. Coloring Pages

Kids grab some crayons or markers and pick a design from one of the printable coloring pages.

7. Contact Paper Art

Have some sticky fun by taping contact paper to a wall or window (sticky side out) and letting children make a collage with items like feathers, felt, leaves, and colored paper.

8. Sock Puppets

To make a sock puppet, you will need a sock, googly eyes, felt, and fabric glue.

9. Pudding Paint

Let your child make an edible masterpiece with pudding paint.

10. Glowing Words Jar

Grab a glass jar, glow-in-the-dark paint, paint brushes, glitter, and scissors to decorate the Glowing Words Jar. Then, print the Glowing Words Jar Cards here.

11. Photo Art

Choose from one of the five photo art crafts: photo puzzle, photo stickers, larger-than-life photo, photo magnets, and photo frames to make your photo art.

12. Family Tree

Kids can have fun creating a family tree, while also learning the family history.

13. Bathtub Paint

Get crafty mixing up some homemade bathtub paint with your child.

14. Dream Board

Let your kids use their imagination to guide them as they create a personal dream board.

15. Fishing Pole

Using a stick and string, kids can make their own fishing pole.

16. Homemade Bird Feeder

See the directions here for making a homemade bird feeder.

17. All About Me Books

All about Me books can include facts, pictures, prints and more to capture your child’s personality.

18. Twisted Finger Paint

Twisted finger painting with shortening and cookie sheets is a fun way for children to explore their senses.

19. You Are Special Crowns

Print and decorate You Are Special Crowns.

20. Ice Sculpting

Find the directions here for making kid-friendly ice sculptures.

21. Make Play Dough

Choose from three easy DIY play dough recipes that do not require any cooking or baking.

22. Homemade Crayons

This is a great way to recycle bits and pieces of old crayons to make new homemade crayons.

23. Tie Dye Candles

Using supplies from the dollar store, follow the directions here to make your own tie dye candles.

What are your favorite fun crafts for kids?

Amy Lu is a Midwest mama from Michigan who enjoys sharing parenting and pregnancy resources with parents of young children on the blog, Making Motherhood Matter.


What’s your favorite thing to make?

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