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5 Reasons Why It’s Okay for Your Child to be a Geek

What Moms Need to Know About the Perils of Popularity

I’ve seen it played out many times.  A mom has two children.  One is shy and the more bookish type.  She has friends that are also low-key and not drawn to the flame of popularity.  So the Mom either lets her more geekish child be who she is, or the mom pushes her child to become more popular.

This same mom might have another child who is super popular.  He’s athletic, he’s handsome, his peers love him, and his mom secretly gets a kick that her son is so “in.”  But, this same mom doesn’t see that she goes easier on this popular child, she gives him more leeway with drinking, staying out late, and academics.

The bottom line is that moms need to accept their geeky kids and not push them to pursue popularity.  Of course, if your child is struggling with issues of extreme shyness or doesn’t know how to make friends you need to take action.  But, if they’re happy, relax.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s okay for your child to be a geek.

1. Geeky Kids Hang Out With Other Geeks

If your child is more bookish and focused on school instead of parties, it’s likely her friends will be too.

2. Geeky Kids Spend More Time Hitting the Books

Kids who are super social, spend less time studying.

3. Geeky Kids Take Fewer Risks

Risk taking is at a high in the adolescent years.  Cautious kids are less likely to push the envelope when it comes to your rules.

4. Geeky Kids Are More Honest

Again, since most geeky kids are rules followers, they will usually be more honest with you about what’s going on in their lives.

5. Geeky Kids Have Fewer Temptations

When a child starts hanging out with the in crowd, they’ll face more of the typical “cool kid” temptations: drinking, smoking and drugs.

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