5 Things Parents Should Stop Doing

guiding force

Being a parent is a complex calling. Yes, you want to be a guiding force in the life of your children, but you also want to have fun adventures and make special memories with them. Most parents would say they look forward to having a close friendship with their child as they grow older…

So to that end, Mark Merrill offers 5 Things Parents Should Stop Doing that will lead to a healthy, balance relationship with your child both today and in the future:

In a previous post, I listed 7 things that husbands and wives should stop doing which caused some interesting online conversations. Then I posted 9 Things Parents Should Never Say to Their Children. Today, I am talking about 5 things that parents should stop doing and here they are:

1. Stop yelling at your kids in public.

Every parent has instances of anger that they wish they could take back. But berating your kids in public is a double-edged sword, combining personal attack with public humiliation.

2. Stop trying to be the “cool mom” or “cool dad.”

Your kids don’t need you to be their pal, they need you to be their parent. [Tweet This] Don’t try to dress like them or stalk them and their friends through excessive or awkward use of social media. Guide them through their experiences, but give them room.

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Let’s Talk: What is something you need to stop doing as a parent?