51 Things I Won’t Feel Guilty About

mom guilt

Several years ago I was with a friend who seemed to have it all together. She had a beautifully clean house, kids who excelled in school and were always perfectly dressed, and on top of that, she even had her own business. In contrast, my house is consistently a mess and my kids struggle in school. I won’t even get into how they dress and the constant build up of laundry. For a long time, I compared myself and had a major case of mom guilt for what I perceived as coming up short.

Moms are really good at a lot of things. Unfortunately, one of the things we’re especially good at is feeling guilty! We can feel guilty about what we do, what we don’t do, and what other people (our children) do. Like I said, we’ve got this guilt thing down pat. Well, this year, give the guilt a rest with the mom version of I won’t feel guilty for…

  1. Not cooking enough
  2. Not wearing makeup
  3. Forgetting someone’s birthday
  4. Forgetting to schedule doctor appointments
  5. Forgetting a child’s practice, game, or homework
  6. Getting a late charge on a bill
  7. Getting my kids to school late
  8. Not scrapbooking
  9. Not making my bed
  10. Leaving dishes in the sink
  11. Having a messy house
  12. Obsessing about cleaning
  13. Not sending a thank you note
  14. Not going to every birthday party
  15. Not ironing
  16. Saying no in order to create downtime
  17. Leaving housework undone to spend time with my kids
  18. Not looking like a supermodel
  19. Not sending Christmas cards
  20. Not being all things to all people
  21. Not being able to afford extras for my kids
  22. Working full time
  23. Having to put my kids in daycare
  24. Occasionally using the TV as a babysitter
  25. Occasionally using the computer as a babysitter
  26. Not volunteering enough
  27. Eating sweets
  28. Not having a perfectly quiet, quiet time
  29. Running out of milk, bread, or whatever
  30. Mistakes in my past
  31. PMS
  32. Eating fast food
  33. Feeding my kids fast food
  34. Being a single mom
  35. Turning off the phone
  36. Ignoring the doorbell
  37. Having a headache
  38. Not keeping up with the laundry
  39. Occasionally doing nothing
  40. Looking like a mom
  41. Accidentally saying the wrong thing
  42. Disciplining my child
  43. Not being able to give my children everything they want or need
  44. Gray roots and unmanicured nails
  45. Checking up on my teens (it’s not spying – it’s protecting)
  46. Enforcing rules
  47. Being the “only mom” that makes her kids _____
  48. Making my kids do chores
  49. Expecting my children to have good manners
  50. Turning off the TV
  51. Making my kids go to church

Tell us! What is one thing you have felt guilty about that you need to let go of?