9 Ideas for a Summer Romance with Your Husband

husband and wife on the beach


1. Karaoke Night – Start your summer with the best rendition you can offer of Grease’s “Summer Nights.”  Invite your friends on stage with you to sing back up, “Tell me more, tell me more like did he have a car?”  Nothing gets you in the Summer Lovin’ mood like Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta!

2. Get your feet wet – Be it by boat, raft, skis, canoe, kayak, Jet-ski® or just a good old fashioned swim.  Leave the kids on land with a babysitter and get in the water!  Your phones won’t work when you’re in the water (hopefully!), and you’ll forget you even need them when you’re surrounded by the fresh summer air and the cool, refreshing atmosphere.

3. Ice cream date – Create or go out for just one sundae with all the trimmings but use two spoons.  Save the whip cream and use it later in the bedroom!

4. Summer Concert – Summer months are full of different concert series.  No matter what your preference of music, a city near you is sure to host some fantastic music festivals and concerts for any budget.  Bring your lawn chairs—or better yet—a blanket, and park your cabooses under the stars.  Wait for that song that reminds you of your love for each other and then steal a dance or a kiss.  Oh what the heck, why not steal both?

5. Playtime at the Playground – Head to your favorite park.  Leave the kids, but take their toys. Enjoy your time reliving your youth by seeing who can fly higher on the swings.  Toss the football or a Frisbee™, fly a kite or try out the monkey bars.  End your playtime with a grown-up kind of picnic—think champagne not juice boxes.

6. Outdoor Movies – Many local parks and universities offer free movies on the lawn during the summer.  You can catch a new movie or an old flick at your nearby drive-In.  Who cares if your favorite film isn’t playing?  You can always scoot to the backseat of the car for a little married make-out session!

7. Tourist Date – Take a drive to a city or town near you that neither of you have explored before.  Enjoy being somewhere new together.  Be adventurous!  Eat at mom-n-pop diners in lieu of restaurant chains.  Stop at the town’s local farmers’ market, or county fair.  On the way back home, take turns telling each other why you’d love to live in the new place, or why you’d never want to live there.

8. Instant Replay – Pick your ultimate, favorite, summertime date, and do it all over again.  Concentrate on the details that made it so special.  Did you wear a sundress?  Was your hair up or down?  Does a certain song remind you of that night?

9. Baseball Game – America’s favorite pastime will be your new favorite date spot!  Try a major league or minor league game (much cheaper, by the way).  The slow pace of the game lends itself to some great opportunities for conversation.  Share a hot dog, laugh at the mascot, and cheer for your favorite team together!