A Love Letter to Single Moms

single on valentine's day

Dear Single Mom,

This week is tough. We know. As you scroll through social media posts of flowers being delivered and romantic dinners out, it stings a little. Or a lot. Being single on Valentine’s Day is a bummer when you’re 20, but when you’ve got kids at home, the single life is far from what you had planned. I still remember the first Valentine’s Day after my divorce. This holiday that I didn’t even care about before had suddenly become a reminder of loneliness and failure.

So we’re here to tell you to pick your head up and stand tall. You are doing a great job in motherhood and Valentine’s Day is not going to change that. At iMOM, we share tons of ways for you to love your family well as a single mom, but we want to make sure YOU feel loved, too. So here are 10 truths we want you to know.

You are loved.

The love you have for your children is beautiful.

You will find love again. It might look a little different.

You can buy yourself chocolates and eat the whole box. No regrets!

Being single on Valentine’s Day does not mean there isn’t love in your life.

Your value is not based on your marital status.

Your identity is not based on your role as a wife. It is found in your role that never changes: a daughter of God.

Those kids of yours? They love you and need you. You are irreplaceable.

And one more time, in case you missed it:

You are loved. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!


Your iMOM Team

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