Five Fun Things to Do with Your Kids on St. Patrick’s Day

1. Lucky Charms.

Start your day with a big bowl of Lucky Charms. Ask your child to pick out all the shamrocks and eat them first or save them all until the end. The shamrock, with its three clovers, is said to be how St. Patrick explained the Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to the people of Ireland. Try explaining this to your child while they hunt for them in their bowl.

2. Modified Easter Egg Hunt.

Remember all the fun the Easter egg hunt was last year? Bring it back a little early. Hide some of those gold chocolate coins around the house or yard and let your child find them. Make sure your children find them before your pets do!

3. Make Leprechaun Artwork.

Children are so creative, so let their imagination go to work. Get enough green supplies (felt, markers or glitter) and watch your children create a leprechaun from their imagination. If they have never seen a picture of a leprechaun, show them a picture after they create their first piece.

4. Dress Irish.

This could mean anything from a wearing a green shirt to dying your hair green. Have fun with it. There are stores that sell St. Patrick’s Day costumes, or you can make your own. If your kids are going to school, make sure that their attire is appropriate for a classroom setting.

5. Green Food.

This is a great way to celebrate all day. Add a little food coloring to your children’s dishes. It will also spark a conversation on the real story of St. Patrick’s Day.