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Mom’s Money Savers

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In these trying times, it’s important to save every penny you can. Sometimes, that doesn’t mean going without things that you want. It just means being smarter about how you acquire them.

1. Movie Night

Everyone loves movie night. Sometimes it’s watching a cartoon with your kids, other times you wait until they go to bed to watch a chick flick with your husband.  With the rising cost of movies, Blockbuster is not the money saver it used to be. However, Red Box has a great selection of newer movies for only $1. You might be thinking, “Yeah, but I only get it for one night.” How many times have you rented a movie and watched it any other night but the night you rented it? You can save about $4 a movie this way.

2. Don’t Be Rushed

When you’re walking around Target, wasting time before you pick up the kids, don’t find something and decide you can’t live without it. You can! Instead, write down the item with the date two weeks from now attached to it and come back to it then. If you don’t want it anymore, you just saved some money.

This method also works well on really big items like a house or car. The salesman will make it seem like this is the only day to get the deal of your lifetime. However, they will usually be just as willing to make the same commission off the car or house the following week.

3. Waive Them

Fees, that is. When you get a fee, whether it is a bank fee, credit card fee or another kind, ask for it to be waived. Most banks and credit companies will waive the first fee for an overdrawn account or late payment. If your bank charges a lot of standard fees, then wave “bye” to their service.

4. There’s a List for a Reason!

Almost every mom makes some kind of grocery list. However, there often seems to be more in the cart than on the list. This can be cured a couple ways: First, don’t go shopping hungry. An empty stomach always buys more than a full one. Second, know what’s on sale when you make your list. Many times, we make our list and then see something on sale. For example, the list says Oreos, but Chips Ahoy is on sale. Go with the cheaper one and cross out the other.

5. Get On With Your Life

Money doesn’t have to be the focal point of your thoughts. With a little smart saving, and planning, you can be on your way to more important thoughts like “How can I be a better wife and mother today?”


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