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Pedophiles: Protecting your Children from a Pedophile

  1. Get Active in Your Children’s Life. Make sure you know who your children are spending time with, the adults they come in contact with on a regular basis or what they are doing at a friend’s house.
  2. Make Time To Take Part in Your Children’s Life. Pedophiles look for children who appear to be on their own or whose parents don’t pay much attention to them. Pedophiles participate in activities where children are, so getting involved in your children’s life can help set up a barrier between your children and a pedophile.
  3. Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children Can Take Place Anywhere and at Any Time.This isn’t just a “big city” problem. The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that on average, there is one child molester per square mile. In Canada, that means on average, there is one child molester per 1.6 square kilometers. Be aware of the people who live in your community, and watch those who seem to have an unusual interest in children.
  4. Make Sure Your Children Know the Proper Name of Their Anatomical Parts. Pedophiles often adopt cute names for the “sexual” parts of a child’s body, and if your child knows the proper name, it may prevent a sexual attack. A knowledgeable child projects power and may scare off a sexual predator.
  5. Listen To Your Intuition – Teach Your Children to Listen to Their Intuition. Intuition is a natural defense system and as we grow older, it becomes more refined. It is designed to protect us from harm or dangerous situations. Make sure your children understand this – if they feel uncomfortable, get out of that situation. If they feel unsure about doing something, don’t. If they don’t want to go with a certain person, don’t make them. Stop caring about politeness and think about safety first!



  1. If Your Child is Sexually Abused, Don’t Blame Them. Often times, the abuser will make a child feel as if they contributed to their abuse. A child is never at fault – adults know better and must accept full responsibility for their actions.
  2. You Probably Won’t Recognize a Pedophile. Despite the picture people may have of a pedophile, there is not one “look” for a sexual predator. They come from a variety of backgrounds, professions and ethnic backgrounds.
  3. A Pedophile Isn’t Just a “Dirty Old Man”. The reality is pedophiles come from all age groups – young and old – so don’t be lulled into believing that it’s just older men who like young children, our prisons have sex offenders who are “kids” themselves or have just become adults.

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