The Power of Holding and Cuddling

I once heard it said that God made babies small so that we could hold them.  Makes sense to me.  Sure, babies need “me time”—time on the rug, time playing with toys and time just resting, but babies also need lots of physical touch and holding.

As moms, we are often so busy taking care of our family, our jobs, our house and everything else on our plate, that sometimes it’s easier to just put our children down in their play yard or swing.  That’s really okay.  We need those opportunities to have our hands free!

If, however, you’re the busy type of mom—going a mile a minute and rarely slowing down—try to add more “holding time” in your day.  Sit with your baby on the couch and talk to her and kiss her.   Lie down beside her in bed, not for feeding or nap time, but just to coo and bond.

Children grow up so quickly.  Hold your children as often as you can, and don’t stop when they’re older.  Even a 7 year old can still snuggle onto mom’s lap or cuddle beside her.