Conversation Starters

The Day I Was Born Talk


“Tell me about the day I was born!” Kids will never get tired of hearing about how they came into the world. It’s easy to share the same stories over and over again, like what time you went to the hospital, if Dad freaked out, and what it was like when your eyes met for the first time. But there’s so much more to tell!

Our “The Day I Was Born” printable is a great way to get the conversation going. There are 12 details about how a child’s life began—some you may already have shared and probably a few you haven’t thought of. You can talk to all the kids at once, letting each one ask a question, or save the printable for a birthday and make it a tradition to share the story and a few pictures over a slice of cake. What a great way to make your kiddo feel special!

What details about their birthdays do your kids love hearing?

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