Sex Quiz: What Your Teens Think about Sex

Take a look at these questions and see if the sex topic in your house is above ground, or buried below the surface. (If it’s below the surface, here are 5 tips for having The Talk with your kids¸ and Waiting for Sex TALK Conversation Starters for addressing sex before marriage.)

  1. Do you know if your teenager has had sex?
  2. Have you talked to your teen about STDs?
  3. Have you discussed the risks of oral sex?
  4. Do you know where your child draws the line in physically intimate situations?
  5. Have your child’s best friends had sex?
  6. If your teenager hasn’t had sex, do you know why he hasn’t?  Have you asked him?
  7. Have you asked your teen what website they go to the most when they have a question related to sex?
  8. Does your child know your opinion on pre-marital sex?
  9. If your child is in a romantic relationship, do you know if the person they’re dating has had sex?

What other questions do you think we should add to the list?

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