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10 Mini-Goals Every Mom Can Accomplish

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Last summer, I set a goal that was so small I figured there was no way I could fail. I decided I’d walk one lap around my neighborhood at lunchtime. Just one. It’s a bit less than half a mile and it takes me about eight minutes. This mini-goal was small enough that it didn’t take a huge amount of motivation. I didn’t get super sweaty. I didn’t even need to pull my hair up in a ponytail if I didn’t feel like it. And friends, I did it. Every day.

I thought about what would happen if I tried to apply this mini-goal idea to other things. Instead of setting some vague or grandiose goal, like “get finances under control,” why not pick one small thing and succeed at that? If a mini-goal sounds like your cup of tea (tea that you’ve been drinking because you have a goal of cutting back on coffee), here are 10 that not only will give you a sense of accomplishment but also will make you a more loving mom, wife, and friend.

Instead of setting some vague or grandiose goal, why not pick one small thing and succeed at that? Click To Tweet

1. End the night with a clean sink.

If the idea of having a clean house sounds great but spending every Saturday morning scrubbing and dusting feels overwhelming, set a mini-goal to leave zero dirty dishes in the sink. You’ll wake up with a fresh kitchen (and no bugs)!

2. Set a recurring meal.

For years, my family has done Taco Tuesday. I can’t tell you how much of a mental relief it is to have just one day’s meal set. When I’m planning, I don’t have to think about Tuesdays and I know exactly what to buy at the grocery store. Setting one recurring meal a week is a great mini-goal to lessen the dinner load. Try Slow-Cooker Sundays, Meatless Fridays, or join me for Taco Tuesdays.

3. Give your kids and husband a 10-second hug daily.

“Show more affection to my kids” is a great goal, but it’s vague. “Spend 30 minutes a night cuddling on the couch” is specific, but it might be more than you can manage. But a 10-second hug once a day is specific and doable and I bet your kids and husband will love that moment of pause with you.

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4. Pray for your family every morning, even if it’s just for a few moments.

Developing a better prayer life is a goal a lot of moms set out to accomplish and when we fall short, it hits pretty hard. It’s like we’ve failed on multiple levels. So scale back. Try praying for a different person every day while you brush your teeth.

5. Stretch for five minutes a day.

Stretching used to be just for funsies. “Look how flexible I am!” Now that I’ve stepped over the 40 mark, it really is essential for good health and mobility. Aim for five minutes every morning. If five is too much, set your timer for 60 seconds and succeed at that.

6. Change up your diet by eating one more vegetable.

I’ve recently discovered that my younger son is a fan of raw peppers. He’ll go for them as a snack after school before he’ll grab chips or a cookie. At eight years old, he has unintentionally made a change for the better in his diet. Find just one veggie you can snack on and keep it on hand as an alternative to the junk.

7. Unfollow or unfriend one account every time you open a social media app.

Have you ever been scrolling Facebook or Instagram and realized you either don’t know the person you’re looking at or the message somebody’s posted makes you angry or upset? Do a social media makeover by unfollowing accounts that don’t fill you up with good things like joy, wisdom, or peace.

8. Organize one spot per week.

I’m not saying tackle one room or even one corner of a room per week. Just pick one drawer, cabinet, or bin and decide what can stay and what needs to get tossed or donated. You can commit to one room or hop around from bathroom drawer to kids’ sock drawer (my personal nemesis) to spice cabinet.

9. Breathe.

You do this all day every day, but have you ever stopped and realized you can’t recall the last time you took a deep breath? A big, deep, cleansing breath that fills the lower part of your lungs is relaxing and leads to better health. So set a timer for once a day and intentionally inhale and exhale.

10. Ditch your “top three” list for your “top one.”

If you want to accomplish more in your day, you might be tempted to make a laundry list of tasks. Some productivity experts suggest a “top three” list. Instead, scale back and set a mini-goal of one thing you want to get done. Write it down before bed and make it your priority.

What’s another mini-goal you would add to the list?


What’s an advantage of being small?

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