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10 Things Your Family Can Focus on in the New Year

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The beauty of a New Year can be summed up in two words—fresh start. And what better way to freshen up your family’s life than to really focus on the habits and attitudes that can make a difference?

We’ve come up with 10 things your family can focus on in the New Year. You can use our list in many ways. You can focus on a different item monthly; just write out the list on slips of paper and let your kids choose one at the first day of every month. Or, you can try to hit several a month, giving each day of the week a “focus emphasis.”

We think these are the best New Year’s resolutions for families, and we’re going to try them too.

1. More Mealtimes.

This is a biggie. From it flows so much that can benefit your family: time together face to face, the chance to read your child, opportunity to pass on your values to your child, healthier eating. All of that by just sitting down to eat a meal together. These 5 ideas for making family meals happen can help. 

2. More Thankfulness.

Study after study shows that thankfulness breeds contentment and dispels depression. Make 2016 a year of thanksgiving. Put a chalkboard in your kitchen where everyone can write what they’re thankful for. Or, keep a gratitude journal. You can get the thankful vibe going with these 99 things to be thankful for about your husband and your children.

3. More Helpfulness.

Chores now build strong adults later.  Use our Chore Chart to get your kids (and you!) in the habit of doing chores. They’ll gain a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. You’ll gain some needed help around the house!

4. More Laughter.

Look for ways to laugh as a family. Watch a comedy instead of an action movie. Watch old home videos.  Start a joke-a-week tradition.

5. More Skills.

Let everyone choose a new skill or talent to learn in 2016. How about a new language? Crochet, archery, or writing poetry? Have a family brainstorm and see what everyone comes up with.

6. More Love.

Think of a “love project” for 2016. Maybe you can focus on the elderly at church, new moms, or neighbors you don’t know. This Love Your Child Challenge will put you in the right frame of mind, mom.

7. More Sleep.

Another simple idea that has a big payoff. Try it. You’ll find that your family will be less grouchy, kinder, and more loving to each other.

8. More Surprises.

Have a different surprise captain each month. Let them plan out at least one surprise for the family—a fun-themed meal, a picnic, a family outing. You can use our secret pal cards to spur ideas.

9. More Patience.

Talk about how great it would be if everyone in your family could show each other more patience this year. Put a big P on the wall in the kitchen to remind everyone that patience is important in your home.

10. More Memories.

Make a big deal out of memory making. When you do something as a family, document it and celebrate it with a night to look at photos, mementos, or just talk about your adventures—whether big or small.

What’s one thing your family can focus on in the New Year? We’d love to know!


What are you most excited about in the New Year?

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