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99 Things to Be Thankful for About Your Children

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I’m so thankful that I’m a mom. There were so many years when all I could do was long to have children of my own. Then, finally, I had my daughter and then my son. In the years since I have to admit that I haven’t always been as thankful for my children as I should be. I let little annoyances and irritations get in the way of truly focusing on the gift that I’ve been given.

But even on those days when being a mom is a challenge, there is always something about our children to be thankful for. See if your reasons to be thankful are on our list of 99, then share some of your own!

  1. They’re ours.
  2. They’re sweet.
  3. They’re unpredictable.
  4. They’re cuddly.
  5. They’re silly.
  6. They’re beautiful.
  7. They’re inspiring.
  8. They’re touching.
  9. They’re unique.
  10. They’re challenging.
  11. They’re hopeful.
  12. They’re innocent.
  13. They’re joyful.
  14. They’re sincere.
  15. They’re unfinished.
  16. They’re determined.
  17. They’re full of potential.
  18. They’re ours.
  19. They’re loving.
  20. They’re darling.
  21. They’re artistic.
  22. They’re athletic.
  23. They give unexpected hugs.
  24. They give unexpected kisses.
  25. They give us purpose.
  26. They give us chance after chance.
  27. They give us love.
  28. They make our hearts burst.
  29. They make us cry.
  30. They make us laugh.
  31. They make us grateful.
  32. They make us try harder.
  33. They made us mothers.
  34. They keep us going.
  35. They keep us focused.
  36. They keep us humble.
  37. They keep us young.
  38. They keep us on our toes.
  39. They hold our hands.
  40. They hold our hearts.
  41. Their little fingers.
  42. Their little toes.
  43. Their rosy cheeks.
  44. Their chubby cheeks.
  45. Their sticky hands.
  46. Their muddy shoes.
  47. Their soft skin.
  48. Their dimpled elbows.
  49. Their dimpled fingers.
  50. Their dimpled smiles.
  51. Their awkward stages.
  52. Their toothless grins.
  53. Their messy hands.
  54. Their untied shoes.
  55. Their imaginary friends.
  56. Their crayon-scribbled love notes.
  57. Their macaroni necklaces.
  58. Their first steps.
  59. Their first words.
  60. Their first day of school.
  61. Their first success.
  62. Their first sleepover.
  63. Their first recital.
  64. Their first loves.
  65. Their first dance.
  66. Their school plays.
  67. Their sweet voices.
  68. Their soccer games.
  69. Their baseball games.
  70. Their volleyball games.
  71. Their lacrosse games.
  72. Their football games.
  73. Their speeches.
  74. Their sense of humor.
  75. Their peaceful sleep.
  76. Their graduations.
  77. Their nominations.
  78. Their help.
  79. Their honesty.
  80. Their tender hearts.
  81. Their eager eyes.
  82. Their love of animals.
  83. Their love of superheroes.
  84. Their simple faith.
  85. The way they drink milk.
  86. The way they eat spaghetti.
  87. The way they grow.
  88. The way they learn.
  89. The way they overcome.
  90. The way they surprise us.
  91. The way they’re like us.
  92. They ways they’re unlike us.
  93. They try hard.
  94. They believe in Santa.
  95. They believe in the Tooth Fairy.
  96. They believe in the Easter Bunny.
  97. They believe in the impossible.
  98. They believe in us.
  99. They show us how God loves us.

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Tell us! What are you most thankful for when it comes to your children?


What are three things about our family that you’re thankful for?

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