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11 Lies Moms Believe

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I should never lose my temper with my children. I should always be the perfect wife. I don’t deserve a break. Those are some of the lies mothers tell themselves. Most of the lies have to do with our desire to be both a wonderful mom and a wonderful wife. Many of the lies have to do with ‘mombligations’ we put on ourselves and believing the lie is detrimental to us living wholehearted lives.

Moms sure can put a lot of pressure on themselves! Not only are we actually doing the work of being mothers and wives, we make our work more stressful and less joyful by believing lies about how the work must be done.

See if you have fallen for any of these lies we believe.

  1. I must be cheerful for my family at all times.
  2. I must never admit I’m having a hard day.
  3. I must focus on my kids 24/7.
  4. I am only as good as the size of my jeans.
  5. I must make every meal organic, healthy, tasty, and special.
  6. I must make every day fun for my family.
  7. I cannot go to bed until all of my ‘mom work’ is done.
  8. I must get everything right with my kids or they will be ruined.
  9. I must keep my house pretty close to spotless.
  10. I must say yes to every school or volunteer request.
  11. I must berate myself when I fall short of these obligations.

When you even begin to think these things you need to tell yourself that these are lies. The bottom line is this: Your kids need you, not your perfection.

Tell us! What lie do you get caught up believing?


Do you think there are things about yourself that may not be true?

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