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12 Christmas Gifts You Didn’t Know You Wanted Until COVID-19

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A few years ago, I started a file in the Notes app on my phone where I write Christmas gift ideas for all the people in my life. I did this because when it comes time to actually shop for Christmas gifts, I can never think of what to get people. On a random day in June, I jotted down “air fryer” after my husband said he thought they seemed handy. What I haven’t been keeping is a list called “Christmas gifts for Mom”—but I should.

We spend so much time thinking about what other people want that we don’t know what to say when our family asks what we want. So here’s some help, with a COVID-19 twist. These are 12 Christmas gifts for Mom that you didn’t know you wanted until you lived in close quarters and had a lot of time on your hands. So sing it with me: On the first day of quarantine, my true love gave to me…

That Workout Thingy

Exercise equipment is a tricky thing to get a woman for Christmas. We want cozy and yummy, not sweaty and sore. But, a lot of us have braved at-home fitness in a way we never did before. So a few sets of dumbbells, bands, or an accessory to make an evening walk more enjoyable are great ideas.

A Hammock

There were definitely moments this summer when I questioned if my kids were actually “safer at home.” Like, I might strangle someone at any moment. A hammock or a swinging chair for the back yard would’ve come in handy to help decompress.

A Subscription to MasterClass

Talk about a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips. MasterClass is a collection of online classes with renowned personalities in their respective fields. You can learn cooking with Gordon Ramsey, photography with Annie Leibovitz, and even skateboarding with Tony Hawk, all from the comfort of your couch!

A Tower Fan

Like the hammock, a tower fan makes being outside the house so much more pleasant. And they are sleek and attractive, unlike the big white oscillating ones your kids just try to stick their fingers in. You might not need a cool breeze right now, but come springtime you’ll be glad this was on your list of Christmas gifts for Mom.

Home Office Goodies

About three days into working from home, my back said, “Nope. Not this chair!” Whether you worked from your walk-in closet or the dining room table, you probably agree that a good chair, an organization system, and something to spruce up your workspace is a pretty solid gift! Also included in this category: blue light blocking glasses to help with all the screen time.

Noise Canceling Headphones

This needs no explanation. Just put ’em on the list.

An Instantpot or Airfryer

We all cooked at home more than ever this year. Anything that can help make cooking easier or a dull meal more exciting is welcomed under my tree. The dirty dishes are another story.

A Daily Devotional faith habit tracker

It was hard when churches closed and online worship was the only option. But hopefully, the tumult of 2020 sparked a desire in you to find peace and grow deeper in your faith. A devotional is a great way to build a habit of consistent prayer and time in God’s word. Pair it with iMOM’s Faith Habit Tracker and you’ll have a habit formed in no time flat!

Comfy Yet Cute Clothes

This is a direct quote from a friend. She wants, “A seamless, wireless, second skin, sleep bra that I can wear in the house all day. I don’t need the girls lifted and looking ‘prim and proper’ while I’m at home.” Don’t leave this up to your husband to find. Send him a link.

An Accessory for Your New Hobby

New gardening gloves, a nail and screw organizer for DIY projects, a sewing machine (technically not an accessory, but hey, go big!)—now that you’ve found a new hobby, get some of the required gear.

A Wine Subscription

Because on Friday at 5 p.m. after a week of work and eLearning, that box on my doorstep would’ve been a sight for sore eyes. Harry & David even offers one with a cheese pairing! Merry Christmas to Mom!

A Home Mani-Pedi Kit

I know—it’s not the same as having someone else do it. But it’s better than nothing! Some good scrub, high-quality polish, or a few kits of the fake nails and you’ll be feeling fancy when you have to go a while between visits to the salon.

Your turn! What would you add to the list of Christmas gifts for mom?


What is the difference between need and want?

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