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20 Me Time Ideas

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I used to think that I was an endless resource for everyone around me and that taking time out for myself was selfish. I genuinely love to serve others and I get a sense of satisfaction from giving myself to my family. But before I understood the value of also taking care of my own needs I often found myself wrung out, overindulging in food late at night, or irrationally lashing out at my loved ones.

I learned that spending time on myself is an investment in my future self and the overall health of my family. It opened me up to greater creativity, productivity, and concentration. It balanced out the selflessness that being a mother required. Me time helped me to be a better parent because it regenerated energy levels and the ability to fully engage and connect with my family. Here are 20 things you can do for yourself.

  1. Get a massage.
  2. Take a walk in nature.
  3. Buy yourself flowers.
  4. Sit in the park and feed the birds.
  5. Lose yourself in Google-searching random subjects.
  6. Take a class.
  7. Go to bed early and let dad put the kids to bed.
  8. Join an adult small group or bible study.
  9. Spend time on a hobby.
  10. Take a bath with candles and music.
  11. Play your favorite music while cooking dinner.
  12. Turn off gadgets for an hour.
  13. Go to the movies with a friend.
  14. Join a city team sport.
  15. Catch up with a friend.
  16. Go to a conference out of town.
  17. Get a manicure or pedicure…..or both!
  18. Visit a museum or gallery.
  19. Join a book club in person or online.
  20. Go for a drive and discover new parts of your town.

Taking time out for yourself at regular intervals will refresh your heart and mind and fill your tank so you have more to give to the ones you love.

Tell us! What is your favorite Me Time activity (or non-activity)?


Have you ever wanted alone time? What do you do during that time?

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