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23 Bad Habits Moms Can Break

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No mom is perfect—we here at iMOM will be the first to attest to that. We all have bad habits that need to be worked on. Recognizing our bad habits is the first step towards making a change. We can’t change everything all at once. However, even making small changes can produce big results. Do any of these common trouble spots for moms sound familiar to you? Pick one you have a hard time with and commit to making a change. When you conquer one, move on to another. Here are 23 bad habits moms can break.

1. Telling your kids, “I’ll be right there” and then forgetting about it.

2. Looking at your phone when your child is trying to talk to you.

3. Doing all the work yourself because it’s easier than letting your kids do it themselves.

4. Saying yes to volunteer roles for which you don’t have time or a passion.

5. Not following through with consequences for your kids.

6. Repeating information to friends that are not yours to share.

7. Skipping quiet time or prayer time because you think you’re too busy.

8. Yelling, especially when you’re tired or frustrated.

9. Using sarcasm as a frequent method of communication.

10. Spending without a budget or a plan.

11. Fueling your day with caffeine instead of adequate sleep.

12. Jumping to conclusions before you’ve heard your child’s full story.

13. Routinely putting your kids first and your husband second.

14. Getting caught up in the extracurricular rat race rather than focusing on a few meaningful activities.

15. Not making time for friendships. Even moms need to laugh and be encouraged!

16. Failing to organize your home so that clean-up is easier.

17. Skipping that precious Pillow Talk time with your kids at night.

18. Caring more about your child’s outward actions than the condition of her heart.

19. Keeping up with the Joneses. And the Smiths. And the Clarks…

20. Letting the magazines and movies define beauty for yourself or your daughters.

21. Spending more time worrying about the challenges than celebrating the victories.

22. Trying to be your child’s friend instead of a parent.

23. Comparing your child to his siblings.

For inspiration on how to develop good habits, we have you covered. Also, here are 8 Signs Moms are Doing Great Without Even Realizing it. Try using habit trackers to help!

What other habits are you working on?


Do you have any bad habits you’re trying to break? Is it hard?

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