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25 Things Teens Can Do on Their Own

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I was in a fender bender when I was 17. An ambulance was coming through the intersection and I stopped even though my light was green. Bam! The guy behind me did not stop. I haven’t been in many accidents so I panicked. After a couple of deep breaths, I thought, Grab your insurance card and your ID, exchange information, and call your insurance company. Everything went smoothly and when I got home I immediately hugged my dad and thanked him for teaching me what to do. My parents knew that handling a minor accident is one of the things teens can do on their own.

The teenage years are prime time for teaching our children to become more independent. {TWEET THIS}But for them to be that way, we have to make room. That means stepping aside and allowing them to experience the natural consequences of messing some of these things up, which is no easy task. These 25 things teens can do on their own are just a starting point. How many can your teen do? How many could you do as a teen?

If you have younger children, here are 4 Things Kids Can Do on Their Own.

  1. Make hair appointments.
  2. Make doctor appointments.
  3. Make a healthy meal.
  4. Pay a bill.
  5. Drive a stick shift car.
  6. Drive on a road trip.
  7. Put gas in the car.
  8. Take medicine responsibly and safely.
  9. Get a car serviced.
  10. Pack for a trip.
  11. Use public transportation.
  12. Shop for school project supplies.
  13. Talk to teachers about grades.
  14. Keep up with school work.
  15. Do laundry.
  16. Return or exchange clothes.
  17. File for a rebate.
  18. Assemble furniture.
  19. Sew on a button.
  20. Spot clean a stain.
  21. Look for a job.
  22. Hold down a job.
  23. Set up a bank account.
  24. Make bank deposits.
  25. Tip at restaurants.

It’s not just about what teens can do, it’s also about what’s on their hearts. Find out by asking these 9 questions.

What would you add to this list of things teens can do on their own? 


What are you able to do for yourself that I do for you?

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