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3 Reasons You Should Want Your Child to Wait to Have Sex

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In 1996 a wealthy suburb of Atlanta was shocked by a syphilis outbreak among teenagers, some even as young as twelve years old. Some of the kids had an overwhelming amount of sex partners leaving parents wondering what was wrong with their children. One of the biggest contributors to the situation was that the parents weren’t engaging in a discussion with their kids about sex.

What are you going to teach your children about waiting to have sex? Maybe you think: It’s unrealistic to expect them to wait until marriage, especially now that people get married so much later. Or, maybe you prefer for them to wait for health reasons, emotional reasons, or religious reasons. No matter what you believe, research shows that the longer children wait, the better off they will be as adults. So have you talked to your children about your views on waiting? Make it a priority to have that talk soon.

Use iMOM’s Waiting For Sex TALK Conversation Starters to discuss the topic with your children. Also, consider the 3 reasons below for why you should want your children to wait to have sex.

1. Physical Reasons:

2. Emotional Reasons:

  • Lack of maturity to handle physical pressures and requests
  • Lack of maturity to handle emotions following sex
  • Risk of emotional abuse from sex partner in immature sexual relationships
  • Girls are more likely to have lower self-esteem after having sex

3. Relational Reasons:

  • Individuals who have sex after marriage rate their relationship stability, sexual quality, and relationship satisfaction all higher than those who did not wait.
  • Sexual bonds can make it more difficult to leave an unhealthy relationship.
  • Other healthy relationships can suffer when teens are having a sexual relationship.

At what age do you feel it is the best time to talk to your child about sex?

Need help building up your relationship with your teen? Try these conversation starters.


What makes it easier to wait for something you want?

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