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How to Plan an Imaginary Trip with Your Child

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Get ready. Get set. Go! This week you and your child will practice planning by taking an imaginary trip.

1. Where in the world?

Tell your child that even fun things can be better with some planning, things like taking a trip! So, let them choose their destination vacation location (try to say that three times fast!) by starting here to choose a country. This site has fun facts, videos, and lots of maps to help you plan!

2. Figure out how you’ll get there.

Using your mom map skills, help your child determine how long it would take to drive, fly or boat to your vacation spot. You can also visit sites like Expedia or this great Scholastic Travel Site for kids where they can do the actual planning.

3. Count the cost.

Now figure out how much it will cost to get there, and how much it will cost to stay there. Talk about how much money you’ll need for eating and fun too. You can also use this currency converter site that lets you choose from dozens of countries to see how much a dollar will get you in another country. It also tells you the name of each country’s currency so you’ll know which countries use a vatu, kwacha, and dinar.

4. Dream doings.

What would your child like to do on their imaginary trip? Trip Advisor is a wonderful site that lists the most popular attractions in cities and countries around the world. You can also go here to learn about interesting facts that might inspire your choices.

5. Go!

If your destination is close enough, and in your budget, by all means go there! If not, you can still create the ambiance of your locale of choice: “Pack” a few clothing items you’d need for the weather where you’re headed. Sit on the couch together and pretend you’re en route.

Next, make a meal or snack from your chosen country. This Pinterest page and World Cuisine site both have some fun ideas for kid-friendly recipes from around the globe. While you eat the meal from your child’s chosen country, it might be fun to talk about fun facts, such as language, climate, and even the types of animals that live there!

6. Praise their planning.

Praise your child for her great planning. Tell her that when you undertake anything important, planning ahead is the way to make sure things have the best odds of going smoothly. Bon Voyage!

What would be your favorite place to travel to?


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