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Christmas Lunchbox Notes

If there’s any season that calls for all the decorations, special songs, and themed everything, it’s Christmas! And you can add iMOM’s free printable Christmas lunchbox notes to that list. These merry additions to your kiddos’ lunches are even better than finding a jingle bell in their backpacks. Their already jolly smiles will grow even bigger because this simple note tells your children that even in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, you stopped to think about them. 

Like all our other printable lunchbox notes, we’ve included love messages. But because it’s Christmas and calories don’t count, we’ve tossed in notes for those days you feel like sneaking in a bonus treat or want to invite your kids to an evening snuggle on the couch with hot cocoa. And of course, with all the talk of presents, these printable lunchbox notes will also help you remind your kids that they are the greatest gifts you’ve ever received. 

So keep them in a secret (but handy) place, and after lunch is packed, grab your scissors and cut out the note that you think will bring a smile to your child’s face. You could even print the notes on adhesive paper and stick one right on the plastic wrap around your kiddo’s PB&J to help you countdown to the big day. If you’re into holiday surprises, you can use one of these free printable Christmas lunchbox notes to get them excited about a spontaneous after-school outing. 

Christmas is a great time to pause and tell our kids how precious of a gift they are to us. Leaving them lunchbox notes is a simple way to do that right in the middle of their school day. We have so many more free lunchbox notes, including holidays like Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, and everyday notes designed specifically for boys, girls, and even highschoolers.

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